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Snow Guards

Snow Guards Minneapolis & St. Paul

Every roof in Minnesota has to undergo the stress of long and hard snowfalls. Sometimes there can be well over a foot of snow standing on a roof and this increases the chances that the snow may slide off, especially when the roof temperature may cause melting. When snow slides, it creates a safety hazard. Anyone walking around the structure could be hit. At the same time, snow sliding off due to melting can freeze at the edge of the roof and this can cause a whole other set of problems. Those problems can include falling ice, large icicles, or even damage to gutters and other parts of the structure.

When you have your Minneapolis metal roofing company install snow guards on your metal, asphalt, or specialty roof, you can prevent snow from sliding. Slide prevention means preventing injury and/or damage to the structure.

Snow Guards For All Roofing Types

Snow guards do come in different shapes and colors. It is easy to find a snow guard that matches the color of your roof so that it blends in well. When these guards are installed, they are placed directly on a shingle or panel or they are placed in between them. How they are placed depends on the roofing type.

Once the snow guards are put in place, they are not very noticeable and, when they are, they can sometimes add a decorative element to the roofing. When the snow is not too much in weight for the roof, it staying in place can be beneficial. In Scandinavia, for instance, individuals would do all that they could to increase the retention and friction of snow so it would stay on their roofs to increase insulation during the winter. Nowadays, they are mostly used as a safety measure, but they can put to use the benefits of retaining snow on the roof as long as that snow is not too heavy for the roof and/or the structure to maintain. If snow is too heavy for a roof, it is best to have it removed so that the integrity of the roof and its supporting structure is not compromised.

An Affordable Safety Solution

Our Minnesota metal roofer can install snow guards rather quickly and affordably. They are very cost-effective in how they preserve your structure and the safety of others. Many businesses especially invest in snow guards because of the foot traffic moving in and out of their establishments. Snow guards ensure that those patronizing the business are not injured by falling snow. This makes them a worthwhile investment toward injury and liability prevention.

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The Minnesota winters can result in some rather significant snowfalls that may cause your roof to have to hold a great deal of snow. On most roof types, snow may slide off and this can present a safety hazard. Snow guards reduce the danger. To learn more about Diversified Metal Roofing Company’s services or to schedule a free roof inspection, call us at 612-490-6498 today.

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