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When making an investment as significant as roofing, you want to make sure you make the right choice. Our Oakdale metal roofers will present you with a number of choices ranging from color to design. Metal roofs are not all the same as they once were. At one time there were few options, but now there are options that allow homeowners and business owners to choose a look that works with the structure’s architecture. Once a roof is chosen, there are other benefits that are had as well.

Recyclable & Efficient Roofing

One of the winning elements of metal roofing is that it is energy efficient. More individuals are having our Oakdale metal roofing company install metal roofs on their homes and businesses because of that fact. They want to save up to 40 percent on their heating and cooling costs.

What some do not realize is that saving on heating and cooling also contributes to saving the environment because of the reduction in electricity use. Contributing even more is the fact that aluminum roofing can contain over 90 percent recycled materials and steel roofing can contain up to 40 percent recycled materials. When a metal roof is taken off of a home or business, it is 100 percent recyclable and that means it will most likely go toward the manufacturing of another metal roof or in the manufacturing of a completely new item.

Lightweight & Durable Options

Each type of metal roofing you will be presented with is light in weight and it is durable. It is much stronger than it may look, as it has been shown to withstand hail storms producing hail the size of grapefruit. Even if the roof is dented, its integrity holds up and that means everything below it is protected.

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