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New Brighton Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become a fixture throughout New Brighton and communities all around the Twin Cities. This is because it is known for its durability, light weight, energy efficiency, and affordability. Although metal roofing was rather “plain” or “boring” at one time, it has seen a major turnaround now that there are many colors and designs are available. There are some types of metal roofing that look like shingles or slate when, in all reality, they are metal.

Tough & Lightweight Roofing

The roofing that our New Brighton roofers install on your home or business will be lightweight, yet tough. The low weight of the metal keeps a lot of stress off of the structure, which helps preserve the integrity of the structure. Even when the roofing is met with the heavy weight of snow, it holds up well.

Weather & Fire Resistance

Metal roofing is built to resist the weather quite well and to hold up if the structure caught on fire. Insurance companies enjoy this fact and that is why some of them will give discounts for the installation of a metal roof. The dollar amount of damages can be reduced when our New Brighton metal roofing contractors install a metal roof on your home or business.

Time and time again, metal roofs have withstood the elements, such as standing up to hail storms that can do a lot of damage. In 2006, metal roofs upheld their integrity during a hail storm that had stones the size of grape fruit.

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