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Metal Roofing Maintenance

5 Tips for Metal Roofing Maintenance in Minneapolis

The vast majority of information available about roofs casually assumes that you have asphalt composite shingles. While this is the most common modern roofing type, there are dozens of other roofing options ranging from the popular wooden shake to smooth metal rooftops. Metal is a particularly popular choice among businesses and some homeowners because unlike both asphalt and wood, it can’t rot. With the right alloy and sealant combination, your metal roof should last for decades as long as you take good care of it. While you should always follow the recommendations given by the panel manufacturer for the exact type of roof you have installed, here are five reliable metal roof maintenance tips to help you get started.

1) Trim Your Trees

Large overhanging tree branches are a menace to any rooftop but you might not realize that even lightweight little branches could cause a problem for your metal roof. The finish is a primary feature of most metal roofs and significantly contributes to its weather-resistant qualities. However, a single rubbing tree branch can start to wear away the finish and reduce the integrity of your roof. Make sure to keep your trees trimmed back away from the metal surface to avoid this problem.

2) Clean off Debris

When debris sits on your roof, it has the opportunity to build up moisture and create friction, both of which could damage your roof. While you don’t need to crawl onto your roof after every big gust of wind to chase away the leaves, keep an eye out for growing piles and sweep them away if the rain doesn’t take care of it soon. If you don’t want to climb up, consider using an extending window cleaning brush to pull the debris down and out of your roof valleys instead.

3) Watch for Rust and Corrosion

Older metal roofs that may already have damaged or worn finishes can be at risk for the kind of decay only seen in metal. Rust and corrosion are the equivalents of rot in asphalt and wood roofs and it’s important to keep a careful eye out for signs of these sorts of decay. Rust and corrosion can both weaken a panel, crumble pieces of it to dust, and create holes for leaks to find their way into your home or business.

4) Clear the Gutters and Drainpipes

The gutters and drainpipes work together with your roof to channel water away from your home and safely onto the ground. However, if the gutters fill up or the drainpipes clog, water will start to pool at the edges of your roof and could begin to cause problems. Leaks are likely to occur and the tips of your metal roof might even begin to rust. To this end, remember to clean your gutters and check on your drainpipes at least twice a year.

5) Don’t Wear Black Shoes

Our final point may seem funny until you forget and wear black-soled shoes up on the roof one day. Any walking around on the roof can leave a certain amount of smudging but the marks left by black shoes are nearly impossible to remove. Wearing the wrong shoes onto your roof even once can result in a permanent set of scuffy footprints on your nice shiny roof. While an amusing story, most property owners prefer to avoid the visual effect.

A metal roof is always a beautiful sight whether it’s nestled into a downtown neighborhood or being sported by a farmhouse out in the countryside. For resisting the elements and keeping you cozy inside, metal makes a great roofing material but it needs maintenance just like anything else. Make sure to keep it clear of debris and if anything concerning comes up, contact us! Our roofing experts will be more than happy to assist in any inspections or repairs you might need.