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Metal roofing benefits a home or business in a number of ways. First of all, it is very lightweight and this helps keep weight off of the structure, thus it preserves the integrity of the structure. Second, the roofing is free from petroleum, which means there is a reduction for the need for foreign fuels. This is also an environmentally friendly aspect. Lastly, there are many more color and patterns available than what there used to be. Our Maplewood metal roofing company will review those options with you so your home or business can have the roof you want it to have.

Affordable & Durable Roofing

Durability usually comes at a cost, but the metal roof that our Maplewood metal roofers will install on your home or business is affordable without sacrificing the durability. It is this durability that lends itself to the longevity of this roofing type. It is not out of the question for metal roofs to last as long as 50 years. Some roofs have to be replaced up to two times within that time period. With a 50 year lifespan, it is possible that you won’t have to replace your roof again.

Protection Against The Elements

Metal roofing gives a great deal of protection against the weather. For instance, it can handle the snows that are seen in Minnesota. Most of all, it has proven time and time again to stand up to haul storms. Metal roofs successfully withstood a hail storm in 2006 that produced hail stones the size of grapefruit.

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When you are in need of quality roofing, Diversified Metal Roofing Company can review your options with you so you can choose what is right for you. To learn more or to schedule a free roof inspection, call 763-241-8722.