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Mahtomedi Metal Roofers

Metal roofing is becoming very popular in Mahtomedi and all around the Twin Cities. While metal roofs have been around for quite some time, primarily on barns and industrial facilities, it has made its way to small businesses and homes. With the different color and design options available, a metal roof can be just as attractive as the traditional forms of roofing. The difference between these traditional forms and metal roofs is the energy efficiency, as well as the durability.

Receive Insurance & Tax Savings

When you have our Mahtomedi metal roofing company install a metal roof on your home, it can pay to ask your insurance company if they have a discount available. Some insurance companies provide discounts for fire resistant and weather resistant home modifications because these modifications can prevent insurance claims.

In addition to the insurance savings, homeowners and business owners may benefit from a tax credit provided because metal roofing is considered an energy efficient improvement. It reduces the carbon footprint and taxpayers are rewarded for this.

Lightweight & Strong Roofing

The light weight of metal roofing can be rather misleading. The metal roofing that our Mahtomedi metal roofers install places little stress on the structure, while protecting it against rain, snow, ice, wind, and anything that the elements have to throw at it. Metal roofing has been known to stand up to hail stones the size of grapefruit. It does not fade, curl, rust, or corrode. It is this durability that contributes to its approximate 50 year lifespan.

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