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Metal roofing is a very popular type of roofing for a number of reasons. Those reasons involve its longevity due to high durability, the different colors and patterns available, energy efficiency, tax savings, and much more. While many see the metal roofing that our Lino Lakes metal roofers provide as being an affordable type of roofing, it is much more.

Added Energy Efficiency

Our Lino Lakes metal roofers install roofing that makes the home much more energy efficient. The first way in which it is efficient is through the reflectivity of the roof. Rather than absorbing the heat of the sun, it reflects it and that keeps the interior much cooler in the summer. In the winter, it insulates and works together with the entire roofing structure to ensure that heat stays in and the cold stays out. This results in year round energy savings.

Made From Recycled Materials

Aluminum roofing is made from 91% recycled materials and steel roofing is made from anywhere between 25% and 40% recycled materials. This makes metal roofing very environmentally friendly compared to some other types of roofing. When a metal roof is taken off of a structure, it is 100% recyclable so that it can be used to make other roofs or other items that will hit the market. Recyclability is a way in which cost is lowered, making our Lino Lakes metal roofing even more cost-effective. Being made of recycled materials does not sacrifice the integrity of the roofing.

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When in need of a quality roof that will last, Diversified Metal Roofing Company has what you are looking for. There are many options available at different price points, as well as many benefits to be had. To learn more, call us today for a free roof inspection at 763-241-8722.