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Metal roofing is providing homeowners and business owners with a cost-effective roofing solution. Rather than having to invest in roofing that could need premature replacement, the owner of the structure can have a roof that lasts up to 50 years and has been known to stand up to some of the harshest weather events.

Lightweight & Durable

One major benefit of the roofing that our Farmington metal roofers installs is the fact it is lightweight. This means that the structure doesn’t have a significant amount of weight on it. There are times when roofing types can weigh so much that they put stress on the structure. Metal roofs do not cause that stress. At the same time, durability and longevity are not sacrificed.

Money Saving Benefits

There are a number of ways that you save money with metal roofing. For instance, you can receive a tax credit for having our Farmington metal roofing company install a new metal roof on your home or business. The credit is given due to the energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness of the roofing. Aluminum roofing is made of 91% recycled materials and steel roofing is made of up to 40% recycled materials.

You may also be able to save money on your homeowner’s insurance. Some insurance companies give discounts for homes and businesses having metal roofing installed. This, in addition to the energy savings due to the reflectivity of the roof and the insulation it provides, allows the roof to pay for itself again and again.

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