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Eagan Metal Roofers

When in need of a metal roof, our Eagan metal roofing contractors can review the different options available to you and install a roof that can last up to 50 years. We have seen an increase in the number of homeowners and business owners wishing to have cost-effective and energy efficient roofing installed on a variety of structures. We have installed metal roofs on homes, commercial buildings, small businesses, barns, carports, and many others.

Offering Unprecedented Strength

When compared to other types of roofing and the cost, metal roofing has unprecedented strength. In 2006, metal roofs proved this integrity by standing up to a hail storm that tore apart many other roof types. The hail was the size of grapefruit and, while many roofs had tarps over them, metal roofs did not.

This durability also lends itself to the longevity of the roofing. Where roofing can typically last 24 to 30 years, our Eagan metal roofing contractors will install a roof that can last up to 50 years with paint that can last up to 30. This prevents you from having to prematurely replace your roof.

Roofing That Pays For Itself

Another reason why individuals throughout Eagan and the Twin Cities turn to us for their roofing needs is because the roofing that our Eagan metal roofers install pays for itself over time. For instance, you can receive a tax credit, you may be able to receive a discount through your insurance company, and there are savings on heating and cooling bills. The reflectivity of the roofing reflects heat from the sun away, while it helps keep the interior warm during the winter.

Eagan Metal Roofing Company

When in need of roofing that is versatile and affordable, Diversified Metal Roofing Company can help you. Call us at 763-241-8722 with any questions that you may have or schedule a free roof inspection.