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Metal roofing has grown in popularity in recent years. Homes, businesses, barns, storage buildings, factories, and many other structures have metal roofs. This is because of the durability, efficiency, and the price. Our Columbia Heights metal roofing contractors are able to install the metal roof that you want on your home for a price that is unprecedented, especially when compared to the up to 50 years of life that metal roofing affords its owners.

Reflectivity & Durability

Reflectivity is important in metal roofing, as it plays an important role in its energy efficiency. When the heat of the sun beats down on the roof, the metal roof doesn’t absorb it. Instead, it reflects it and this keeps the home cool in the summers, thus saving on your cooling bill. It also helps ensure the cold stays out in the winter.

Also important in the winter is durability. While metal roofing is lightweight, it is also tough. It can hold up against a great deal of weight from the snow. Snow guards can also be installed along the edges of metal roofs so that you do not have to worry about large quantities of snow falling off.

Using Up To 91% Recycled Materials

While energy efficiency is good for the environment, so is the fact that our Columbia Heights metal roofers install roofing that is made out of up to 91% recyclable materials. Aluminum roofing is made from up to 91% recycled materials and steel is made from up to 40% recycled materials. When a metal roof is taken off of a home, it is 100% recyclable.

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Whether you are building a new structure or it is time for you to get a new roof, metal roofing has many benefits and will save significant amounts of money over time. To find out more, call Diversified Metal Roofing Company for a free roof inspection at 763-241-8722.