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Metal roofing is an innovative type of roof that helps control interior temperature, while also looking great and lasting long. Metal roofing has been around for a very long time, but it has transformed into something that is appealing to the eye. This has made metal roofs high in demand because of the different patterns that are available without sacrificing the durability.

Effective Hail Protection

Minnesota sees a great deal of hail in the late spring and summer months, which is why it is important to have roofing that can withstand these vicious storms. When roofing is damaged by hail, it can cost thousands to repair and the insurance company can sometimes be complicated to work with. Our Burnsville metal roofers can install a metal roof that has been shown to stand up to some of the most violent hail storms. For instance, metal roofs in 2006 stood up to a hail storm that produced hail the size of grapefruit. Despite what occurred during the storm, the roof’s integrity stood up.

Roofing With A Financial Benefit

Metal roofing also provides homeowners and business owners with a financial benefit. First of all, it is possible to receive a tax credit for having our Burnsville metal roofing company install a metal roof on your home or business. Second, your insurance company may provide you with a discount if you have this energy efficient and safe roofing option installed.

Lastly, you receive energy savings that, over time, will pay for the roof time and time again. You save on your cooling costs in the winter because of the roof’s reflectivity and in the winter due to the insulation properties.

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When in need of a new roof, you do have many affordable options when it comes to metal roofing. To find out more about how Diversified Metal Roofing Company can help you, call us for a free roof inspection at 763-241-8722.